Building Services Condition, Acquisition and Dilapidation Surveys

What are M&E Building Surveys?


Building Surveys are typically performed to aid the sale or acquisition of buildings. They are also performed as part of the maintenance of a building.


M&E Building Report


Surveys are frequently conducted for:


1. Condition


A survey can benefit clients if they want to renew their Maintenance Contracts. The survey can also help allocate a budget for an upcoming maintenance task or to track the performance of the on-site team/Chief Engineer.


2. Acquisition


Building surveys are performed during the acquisition of a building to outline costs over five-year or ten-year periods so prospective buyers are aware of the financial commitment they are making.


3. Dilapidations


Dilapidations focus on duties under a lease, frequently for a tenant leaving a building. The tenant is required to perform the repair works at the end of the tenancy of the lease.


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E consultants, our solutions for Building Services Condition, Acquisition and Dilapidation Surveys include:

  • Site inspection and verification
  • Dilapidation report
  • Projected repair costs for M&E systems

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