Electrical Engineer Design Consultant | Job Description M&E Consultant

What are some of the roles and responsibilities of an Electrical Engineering Consultant?


Roles and Responsibilities


The roles and responsibilities of an Electrical Engineering Consultant is as below:


1. To plan, organise, monitor, and implement electrical building services such as:

i) Electrical local infrastructure such as High Tension (HT) and Low Voltage (LV) within the development site

ii) Telephone local infrastructure within the development site

iii) Compound and landscape lighting within the development site

iv) Extra low voltage (ELV) such as Telephone, Intercom, Security and SMATV within the building

v) And finally, Electrical Services such as Low voltage, Emergency lighting, ‘Keluar’ or Exit sign, Lightning Protection and Essential Supply such as genset or generators.


2. Engage and liaise with local authorities and work together with the rest of the consultant team


3. To aid in the whole project implementation, from the beginning to the end.


4. Attend all project meetings as required


5. Coordinate with the project’s stakeholders such as clients, architects, consultants from other disciplines, contractors, etc.


Now we know some of the roles and responsibilities, we move on to the required skills by the Electrical Engineer design consultant.


Skills Required


The skills required are summarised into technical skills, people skills and independence as below:


1. Academic qualifications such as a Bachelor’s degree, diploma or equivalent in the electrical discipline.

2. Able to use 2D modelling software such as AutoCAD.

3. Know how to perform Electrical/Building Services design and calculation.

4. Able to perform Cost Estimation on Microsoft Excel and Documentation on Microsoft Word.

5. An individual how works well in teams and is good in communication.

6. Emphasis on self-improvement and continuous learning.


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