HT and LV Electrical Distribution Services

Design of electrical distribution system to cater for domestic, commercial and industrial usages.

Lighting and Switch Socket Outlet (SSO) Design

Design of lighting systems to ensure adequate illumination for different tasks. SSO design for electrical appliances.

Lightning Protection System and Earthing System

Design of system to intercept and then to safely discharge lightning current.

Surge Protection System

A specially designed system to limit the voltage supplied to electrical devices to a safe threshold.

Telecommunication System

Design of systems and infrastructure for both wired and wireless telecommunication systems.

Public Address System

Design of public address system consisting of microphones, speakers and amplifiers.

Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) System

The design of SMATV systems to distribute TV and FM signals without a loss in signal quality.

Building Management System (BMS)

Design of a computer based system which tracks and controls HVAC systems, power systems, lighting, security systems, etc.

Street and Compound Lighting

Design of street lighting for highways and roads. Compound lighting design for buildings and its surrounding vicinity.

Security System, Intruder Alarm, CCTV and Access System

Design of security system in homes, offices, factories, healthcare facilities, etc. to prevent unwanted access of unauthorised individuals.

Audio Visual System

Design of AV systems for audio presentation, video presentation and live steaming in auditoriums, multipurpose halls and conference rooms.

Intercom system

Design of intercom system to connect different areas of a building and even different buildings together. The design of intercom systems and guardhouses to obtain verification of guests entering the premise.

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