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An Intercom system is a device that allows two-way communication between two ends. In buildings, an Intercom system can be used to communicate between building residents and visitors at the gate. The intercom system can also grant visitors at the entrance into the building. Modern Intercom systems also allow video transmission.


A modern Intercom system comprises two components, a base station and one or more substations.


Base Station


Sometimes called the Master station, it is the central piece of the Intercom system as it controls the entire system. It is connected to the other substation and door release via a wired or wireless connection.




A Substation is the other end of the intercom from the base station. It is located on the defined external part of the building and allows communication with the base station. From the substation, a potential visitor can make an audio or audio-visual communication with the person at the other end of the base station.


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E consultants, our solutions for intercom systems include:

  • Proposing Intercom equipment
  • Intercom system design
  • Schematic diagram for Intercom system


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