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Lighting Design


Did you know that in Malaysia, up to 20% of a commercial building’s energy consumption comes from Lighting? [1,2]


Light serves numerous functional purposes. Unlike other MEP services designs such as HVAC where there are acceptable rules of thumb and which follow detailed calculations, lighting system design is subjected to the artistic sense of the designer or the client. This is because lighting system design must primarily provide visibility, but they also set the ambience for built environments and provide aesthetic looks.


Lighting Design Factors


In designing for a good lighting system, there are a couple of factors that must be considered such as:

  1. Light distribution and brightness of the built environment
  2. Choice of electrical fittings for energy conservation
  3. The appearance of the space and luminaries; whether mitigating or eliminating glare
  4. The choice of light colour and temperature
  5. Light control flexibility (e.g. switches to control the light, sensor switches, etc.)
  6. Integration of smart lights and smart switches
  7. Cost of implementation, installation and maintenance.


Switch Socket Outlet (SSO)


Switch Socket Outlets (SSO) are ports used for connecting devices to alternating current (AC) mains for electricity power supply in built environments. SSOs differ in their respective voltage and current ratings. In Malaysia, before installing an SSO, make sure it is SIRIM certified and approved.


For houses and offices, the SSOs are typically current rated at 13 A. These SSOs are typically wired to 16 A or 20 A Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB).


As for other machines with high domestic electrical demands, such as air conditioning systems, water heaters, pumps, etc., the SSOs selected are rated at 15 A. These are then wired to a 20 A MCB or sometimes a 32 A MCB.


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E consultants, our solutions for Lighting and Switch Socket Outlet (SSO) Design include:

  • Lighting and Switch Socket Outlet layout design
  • Schematic diagram for Lighting and Switch Socket Outlet



[1] M. Z. Tahir, M. N. Nawi, and A. Ibrahim, “Low-cost and no-cost practice to achieve energy efficiency of government office buildings: A case study in federal territory of malaysia,” AIP Conference Proceedings, 2016.

[2] M. R. bin Es, M. A. Marhani, R. Yaman, A. A. H. Noor Hanisah Noor Rashid, and H. Adnan , “Obstacles in Implementing Green Building Projects in Malaysia,” Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, vol. 5, no. 12, 2011.


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