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What Is a Lightning Protection System?


A lightning protection system is meant to keep your structure or site secure from any damage caused by a lightning strike. This is accomplished by intercepting the strike and safely transferring it to the ground. This lightning protection system consists of a network of air terminals, ground electrodes, and bonding conductors. 


How is a Lightning Protection System Designed?


The consulting engineer designs these network elements so that any potential strikes shall follow a low-impedance designated path downwards, all the way to the ground.  


By designating a low-impedance path for the lightning strike to follow, the potentially harmful effects of such strikes are greatly minimised. This is because the lightning charge has been allocated a pathway. Therefore, the lightning charges do not go through flammable materials in the building/area. This greatly reduces the risk of a fire hazard.


Why should you have a Lightning Protection and Earthing system incorporated into your building design?


A Lightning protection and Earthing system is designed to transfer the energy from the lighting bolt towards the earth to protect the building. Lightning strikes are one of nature’s known most destructive elements, with each bolt from a lightning strike reaching a temperature of over 28,000°C and producing voltage and current up to 120,000 Volts and 200,000 Amps, respectively.


There are different types of Lightning Protection and Earthing system design and perhaps a basic system may be good enough for a building but a rapid lightning strike with very high temperature may render such system vulnerable. It is therefore very important to adhere to the Authority’s guidelines for Lightning Protection and Earthing System design. 


Guidelines and Standards


The standards and guidelines for Lightning Protection and Earthing system to be followed are:

  • IEC 62305-1: Protection against lightning –. Part 1: General principles.
  • IEC 62305-2: Protection against lightning –. Part 2: Risk management.
  • IEC 62305-3: Protection against lightning –. Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard.
  • IEC 62305-4: Protection against lightning –. Part 4: Electrical and electronic systems within structures.


Solutions We Provide:


Perunding JW is an M&E consulting firm in Malaysia. The services we provide include:

  • Lightning protection and earthing system design
  • Authority compliant design


Perunding JW is an M&E Consulting firm based in Malaysia. If you are looking for more information or resources, reach out to our team of engineers. We will gladly assist you. Visit our homepage or call us at +603 7955 5918.

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