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Security Alarm Systems


A security alarm is a system that detects intrusion or unauthorised access into a building or other locations, such as a home or private land. Theft and property damages are prevented and/or recorded by security alarms when installed in residential, commercial, industrial, and government premises 


How It Works


Security alarms also provide personal protection against intruders. Security alarms in neighbourhoods have been linked to fewer robberies. A typical security system is set to trigger an audible alarm when a pre-set event occurs. Examples of pre-set events include, triggering of a panic button or a window sensor. The audible alarm causes robbers to flee the scene, thus preventing theft. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security Cameras


Recent developments in AI, specifically Machine Learning (ML) has been integrated in security cameras. These new systems have features such as face recognition to recognise faces of people, car number plate recognition to recognise vehicle number plates, motion detection and object recognition features to differentiate between bicycles, motorbikes and cars.


Other novel AI features also include, ringing an alarm when a pre-set perimeter has been crossed. AI in security camera systems provide enhanced security features to protect your home, office or warehouse.


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E consultants, our solutions for Security System, Intruder Alarm, CCTV and Access System include:

  • CCTV System 
  • AI CCTV System
  • Door Card Access System 
  • Panic Button System 
  • Lift Card Access System 
  • Car Park Barrier System 
  • Video Intercom System 
  • Visitor Management System 
  • Door Sensor System 
  • Home Alarm System 
  • Wireless Guard Tour System 


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