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Telecommunication: What Is It?


Telecommunication is the science of communication over a distance via a wired (e.g. fibre optics, coaxial cable) or wireless (e.g. radio waves) medium.


A good telecommunication system is highly dependent on the telecommunication infrastructure in any building or urban development planning. As such, telecommunication infrastructure becomes an essential component in a building or urban development planning.


Telecommunication’s Purpose


Telecommunication systems are designed to serve two purposes,


1. Aid Internal communication between people within a communication network system, usually a few metres apart using an Intercom. This kind of Telecommunication system is useful in offices, large manufacturing plants, etc.


This system neither requires Authority approval nor shall communication within the system incur communication charges.


2. Aid External communication between people who may be thousands of kilometres apart. This is made possible because the telecommunication system is plugged into a Telephone network provider system.


Please note that for this to happen, the following must be met:

  1. The external telephone infrastructure plan must be approved by the Authority. In Malaysia, it is  Telekom Malaysia (TM).
  2. External communication may incur a charge or a monthly subscription plan. The price is determined by your chosen telephone provider.


Telecommunication’s Systems


A telecommunication infrastructure consists of two systems. They are:


  1. Telecommunication spaces and pathways: e.g. rooms, cables, conduits. This is essentially the telecommunication medium pathway.
  2. Telecommunications cabling systems: This links the telecommunication medium to a terminal end for use (e.g. telephone unit, server) or redistributes them around the system (e.g. communication channel).


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E consultants, our solutions for Telecommunication systems include:

  • External Telephone Services.
  • Internal Telephone Services.
  • Fibre To The Home (FTTH).
  • Intercom System.
  • Data System.


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