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Fire Protection Design


When it comes to structural fires, most of the fires occur in residential buildings. These are typically small fires that are confined to the room of origin [1]. One in five fire deaths occurs from these fires. Meanwhile, half of all fire injuries are a direct result of these fires.


Figure 1: Reported Structure Fires by Occupancy Category and Extent of Fire Spread 2007-2011 [1].


According to a report published by NFPA in Figure 1, storage fires spread beyond the room of origin 69% of the time. This value is the highest among all occupancy classifications. Meanwhile, 58% of residential fires are confined within the object of origin. Confined cooking fires are by far the most common type of reported structure fire.


Our Professional Engineers have the capabilities and experience to design fire protection systems in accordance with Malaysian Standard (MS) or the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards. With the ever changing regulatory and technological advancements, our engineers will be able to provide the latest proven fire technology that will meet your project’s specific needs.


We have unrivalled expertise in fire technology and performance-based fire and life safety equipment. We can provide both active and passive fire and life safety systems that are fully integrated.


1. Fire Suppression Design


Our services for fire suppression design includes:

  • Special hazard systems – CO2, FM200, DCP & Pre-engineered systems
  • Specialist sprinkler design – Extended coverage sprinkler, fast response sprinklers, low flow sprinklers, and in-rack sprinklers
  • Hose Reel system
  • Wet Riser system
  • Dry Riser system
  • Pressurized fire hydrant and monitor system
  • External hydrant system
  • Pre-engineered systems
  • Smoke extraction system
  • Smoke spill fan system
  • Pressurisation fan system
  • Smoke ventilation system


2. Fire Detection System Design


Our services fire detection system design includes:

  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Gas detectors
  • Flame detectors
  • Release panels
  • Network systems
  • Pull station / Break glass
  • Call ancillaries
  • Voice alarm
  • Nurse call and leak detector


3. Fire Management System Design


Our services fire management system design include:

  • Fire alarm systems – Conventional, semi-addressable and addressable alarm systems
  • Fireman intercom system
  • Public address system
  • Smoke curtain system
  • Emergency light
  • Exit/Keluar sign


Perunding JW is an M&E Consulting firm based in Malaysia. If you are looking for more information or resources, reach out to our team of engineers. We will gladly assist you. Visit our homepage or call us at +603 7955 5918.




[1] M. Ahrens, “Reported Structure Fires by Extent of Fire Spread, Occupancy and Loss Rates,” National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA, Mar. 2013.

Hose Reel System

Hose Reels are meant for occupants to fight fire in its early stages.