Microclimate Analysis

What is Microclimate Analysis


Microclimate analysis studies how microclimate issues such as wind, stack effect, sun, and shading affect building performance and operational costs.


Perunding JW has the experience and expertise in performing such analysis. We employ sophisticated dynamic modelling software and equipment that adhere to accepted industry best practices for the creation of microclimates.


Wind Microclimate Analysis


Wind microclimate assessments are usually required as part of planning requests for large developments. Our early participation in a plan, while building massing designs are still in progress, can help to engineer out problematic flow dynamics and save costly last-minute planning process delays.


By modifying façade design, orientation, and landscape design, we may create passive design strategies to alleviate microclimate difficulties using our analysis and quantifiable design KPI criteria.


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E Consultants, we offer the following solutions for your projects:

  • Wind and thermal studies of pedestrian comfort
  • Forensics of Building Performance
  • Stack effect modelling
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Perunding JW is an M&E Consulting firm based in Malaysia. If you are looking for more information or resources, reach out to our team of engineers. We will gladly assist you. Visit our homepage or call us at +603 7955 5918.

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