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What is Sanitary Plumbing?


Sanitary plumbing in Malaysia consists of the transfer of soil and waste (S&W) from the building to the nearby municipal sewer treatment plant (if available) or the nearby septic tank.

Sanitary fixtures include but are not limited to:

  1. Water closet (WC)
  2. Urinals
  3. Bathtubs
  4. Floor and gully traps
  5. Washing basins
  6. Kitchen sinks


Grey Water vs Black Water


Grey water consists of water without human waste. These are typically bathtubs, floor and gully traps, washing basins, kitchen sinks, washing machines and dishwashers [1]. On the other hand, black water consists of water with human waste. This typically includes waste from WCs, urinals, etc.


Applicable Standards and Services


All sanitary plumbing must comply with local plumbing codes such as Local Authority By-Laws. Other applicable standards that are being followed in Malaysia are MS 1402:2006 and BS EN 12056-2:2000 [2].


Our M&E Consultant Solutions


As M&E consultants, our solutions include:

  • Design of sanitary plumbing system for Local Authority approval.
  • Sanitary plumbing schematic.
  • Internal manhole design.


Perunding JW is an M&E Consulting firm based in Malaysia. If you are looking for more information or resources, reach out to our team of engineers. We will gladly assist you. Visit our homepage or call us at +603 7955 5918.



[1] The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), “Underground drainage and treatment of waste water,” in Public Health and Plumbing Engineering, CIBSE, 2014.

[2] Gravity drainage systems inside buildings – Part 2: Sanitary pipework, layout and calculation. BSI, 2000.

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